3D Printing & Prototyping

ADS offers a range of services to assist in end-to-end AM project needs.
Whether fabricating presentation ready prototypes and scale models, or high detail, multi-material articulating parts, we have the expertise to implement the best process for the highest quality solution. 
3D printed gear model that is designed for additive manufacturing methods
Professional Engineering Grade Materials 


ADS uses the highest quality materials to

realize your product


+ Multi-Material & Flexible Prototypes 


Visualize with materials that range from soft transparencies to industrial strength polycarbonate

+ Digital Model Repair & 3D Printing File Preparation 


Digital model error correction and file review to ensure part quality and cost efficiency

+ Functional Assemblies & Articulating Designs 


Fully assembled and articulating prototypes to simulate end use parts

+ On-Demand Short-Run Production 


Eliminate bulk inventory and development costs by controlling print- to-order production 

+ Large Format 3D Printing 

ADS can print up to 10'x10'x10' in

polycarbonate ABS and PLA

+ High-Detail 3D Printing  


Resin and Wax prints for fine jewelry and delicate figurine design

+ Post-processing and automotive part finishing 


Sanding, Coating, and Vapor Smoothing finishes for flawless end use products

+ Digital Model Sculpting


ADS can bring your project to life in a variety of visualization suites.

+ 3D Scanning and Post Processing


Full body digitization scans and high accuracy part scanning with file review to ensure quality

+ Prop and Figurine Design


Custom caricatures and likeness sculptures created with functional prop designs, all in-house.

+ 3D Auto Quote Tool


Coming Soon

engineering grade material fiberfor 3d printing on a table for display
multi-material prototype made of wood and metal printed parts
3D digital models of boxes representing printing files
fully assembled 3D printed laptop and articulating future warrior type character figure next to it
small batch of short run razors for shaving, possibly a customized product
sketch of a car design showcasing large printers can print auto parts
table with boxes of rings showcasing the wax printing used by jewelers
close up of a curvy 3D post process finished metallic part
red automotive paint pouring into a paint holder
3D scanned lips and noses
custome figurine of an original prop design, has a shine finish and is maybe a robot droid
hands typing on a laptop getting an automatic 3D quote