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AM Tools and Technology

We use the latest in Additive Manufacturing technology to provide the most effective DfAM process for your project.

3D PRINTED STRATASYS J750 full color hand model close up

Capable of highly detailed prototypes in custom full color rigid and flexible materials and combinations

FDM (Fuse Deposition Modeling) 
3D PRINTED FORTUS model close up that shows layering lines

Capable of  high-impact, durable end-use parts in thermoplastics

3D PRINTED PROJET 660 FULL COLOR ball with multiple colors up close

Capable of highly detailed and fully color texture mapped prototypes and sculptural pieces

SLA (Selective Laser Sintering) 
3D PRINTED gear wheel on a ring close up from a PROJET 3600 3D printer

Capable of ultra-fine detail, functional articulating models, and assembled designs

3D PRINT of a transparent skull from a STRATASYS HD 7000 close up

Capable of highly accurate prototypes and end-use parts in a wide range of materials

Metal 3D Printing 
3D PRINTED metal rook from a RENSHAW METAL 3D Printer close up

Capable of highly durable metal parts in various metal material combinations.

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