Design for Additive Manufacturing


 At ADS we’ve expanded our AM methodology and workflow to overcome traditional CAD limitations which allow us to generate organic features and complex internal geometries previously incapable with legacy CAD systems.

This evolution in capability gives us customized control of the AM design process resulting in profound freeform geometry aesthetics and consistent specification accuracy.

How ADS Designs for Additive Manufacturing 

 Additive Manufactured products are affected by:

  • Process-specific characteristics

  • Design characteristics

  • Machine specific constraints 

  • Choice of materials  

ADS incorporates proven processes:

  • Producing the specified part while meeting the required quality

  • Build process within constraints due to product own features (support structures, part layout, etc.)

  • Part redesign and identify further optimization

  • Support removal strategy and its impact on the final part



Given these considerations, our design team has streamlined design methods adapted to function optimally within these constraints while including organic and sculptural elements that have come to be symbolic of additive design. 

Industrial Product Design 

Our optimized end results deliver the full benefits of AM through effective design strategy.

  • Reducing development time and cost

  • Expertise in application- specific process characteristics and machine capabilities

  • intuitive part consolidation - for enhanced functionality and performance which results in increased quality and profitability.

Short-Run Production

Fabrication of on demand work pieces and end products result in:

  • Decreased lead times

  • Development costs and material waste 

  • Rapid redesign allows for improved response to situational and customer demand 

 AM provides 

  • Supply and inventory control

  • In house production control

  • Ease of high complexity or fully customized parts 

Technology, Design, and Materials Consultation

Our competent DfAM specialists can help empower your business to expand services through our Additive Manufacturing workflow solutions. We can enable you with cost effective production options without sacrificing on customer satisfaction.


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